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Burning Avchd On Reg. Dvd Via Roxio 2009



i am trying to edit avchd on roxio and once I am done editing I would like to burn the avchd on a regular DVD so it can be played back on the BLue Ray player. I select avchd on standard dvd and set it to burn. I dont get any errors and the two lines indicating the project show completion, but the dvd is blank.

what can I do. Please help . . .


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How are you determining the disc is blank? Windows XP will not read these discs. Vista can read these discs with no problem (you still need software to playback like Cineplayer 5 included with C2009) and some Bluray burners may not support this feature. However we have had several users post that these discs do play back fine on a PS3.


I created one, but had to find a special WinXP driver. I did finally get it to work with CinePlayer 5 included with Creator 2009 by installing the Toshiba UDF2.5 driver for WinXP.


How Vista shows these disc in MY COMPUTER:



You will get an error message in Windows XP:


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Let me see if I understand this, then. The AVCHD procedure burns a disk that can only be read by a BD player or Vista machine.


What I need to do is downconvert HDTV recordings made on XP Media Center 2005 into a widescreen DVD that's playable on a standard take-it-on-the-plane-with-me DVD player. How do I do that?


Also, is it normal for an AVCHD burn session of a 30 minute HDTV show to take 5 hours to complete? And for it to eat up 95% of system processes?




UPDATE. Ok, moron that I am, I thought AVCHD was what I selected to do the downconverting and burning. Read through the forum and I think I get it, now. So, I'm trying it now using a regular DVD selection and just clicking on the same already-converted mpg file I created earler. If this works, I will cook my own crow and eat it.

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I am able to edit the avchd thru videowave, then I select to make a AVCHD on standard DVD, and select burn, the project acts like it completed but the dvd is blank. pLease help me. . . .


I tried installing the Toshiba udf25_fis_driver_24501A driver on my WinXP/SP3 system.

I have Roxio Creator 2009 with the HD addon.


The Toshiba driver .exe file unzipped correctly, and the installation started. It was aborted in

about 1 second with the message "It is not possible to install it on this computer"


Do you have something special that allows it to install, like a Toshiba DVD drive? Any

suggestions for a generic system with an Intel E6850, 4 GB, Abit IP35 Pro MB, Samsung DVD

burner, 500GB Samsung HDD?

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Yes , AVCHD can only be read by a Blueray player. Vista is Blueray ready so it can read these discs and play them back with WMP11.


To create a regular video DVD, you don't need to 'down-convert' first. Just use the same work flow: edit in Vidowave, save as production file, then add the Videowave production file to MyDVD. When you open MyDVD, make sure you choose one of the first two choices for regular DVD. MyDVD will then down covert before burning.


How long it takes for AVCHD to burn depends on many things. How much editing, speed of CPU, hard drive space, etc.

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Actually, I just did it straight from MyDVD. It seems to know when it has to downconvert which is great. I'm way behind the learning curve when it comes to video editing and manipulation on a computer. My expertise comes from television gear.. U-Matic machines and Convergence editors. I need to get into the 21st century.


As for the AVCHD processor use, I've got a dual-core Pentium with as much RAM as XP can see and two half-terabyte hard drives, only one of which is even remotely half full (and it's not the C: drive). Shouldn't need 95% of the computer to do that, I wouldn't think. But I don't NEED to do that, so I won't concern myself with it.


Much thanks for all the help here. This thing was a bear to get installed and I'm still figuring it all out.

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