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Opening 2009 Suite Hangs Entire Computer



Hello from a brand new correspondent looking for some help. I was having quite a bit of trouble installing Creator 2009 and won't bore readers with the details, most of which have already been noted in other discussions. But now that I (finally) got 2009 installed, when I open the Suite my whole computer (not just the Suite) locks up. I can only move the cursor which also freezes up after a few desperate clicks; even the task manager won't open. The only way out is to power down the computer and turn it on again...then the same thing happens again. I can open individual programs in 2009, just not the whole thing. Does anyone have any ideas what's going on?


On reading other posts I note that more information is probably needed: My computer is a Dell XPS 603i, about 6 months old, and my OS is XP Professional version 2002 w/Service Pack 3 pre-installed and has 3 GB of RAM. In dealing with the aforementioned problem just getting the thing to install, I tried umpteen clean installs, downloaded the milcore.dll file and added it to the System32 folder, downloaded Microsoft.NET 3.5 SP1 , but this problem still exists.


Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated. And please let me know if more information is needed from my side. Many thanks and I apologize if this topic has been addressed elsewhere (I looked but couldn't find it).


P.S. One more tidbit: when I downloaded the milcore.dll file (for $9.95), I actually received three of them, designated as: 6.0.4023.30521, 6.0.5259.0, and 6.0.6000.16386. I have no idea what, if any, difference there is among these three, so I just arbitrarily added the third one to my System32 file. Does this piece of the puzzle help (or even matter)?

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P.S. One more tidbit: when I downloaded the milcore.dll file (for $9.95),


Did the computer lockup problem exist before Microsoft.NET 3.5 SP1 was downloaded and installed and you arbitrarily added the third milcore.dll file?


P.S. someone here could of flicked you the correct milcore.dll file for free, after inquiring if you actually needed it!



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Hard to tell where you are at or how much is messed up at this point??? Any languages in use other than English?


Update your Video Card Drivers. Done that? Do it again.


If you have a MS cordless mouse, replace it (for now) with a wire mouse and delete the driver for the cordless.


Do the Clean Install again through the uninstall portion.


Go into Add/Remove Programs and delete all of the MS .NET's you see from 2.0 and above.


Now do the install.


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