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Sony's 'world's Fastest Lcd' Out This Month, Prices Confirmed


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Sony has announced that its new Bravia Z series, which features Motionflow 200Hz, will be available to stores by the end of November. Sony claims that Motionflow 200Hz is a world first in LCD screens, and the fastest frame rate currently available.


“Our message to consumers is simple – Motionflow 200Hz delivers the fastest frame rate of any LCD TV. Watching any fast-moving action, particularly sport, is super-smooth and more life-like than ever before thanks to this world first technology from Sony,” said Sony product manager for Bravia, Jan Ergen, who continued to explain Motionflow 200Hz in greater detail.


“Moving pictures on TVs are created by showing a sequence of still images (or frames) in quick succession. Better motion reproduction on LCD TVs is achieved by creating and inserting new and unique frames between the original frames. Motionflow 200Hz technology creates three additional unique frames for every original frame, increasing the typical frame rate from 50 to 200 per second.”


Also confirmed today was the pricing for the three new models. At RRP $3,399, the cheapest is the 40-inch. This is followed by the 46-inch at RRP $4,099 and the 52-inch at RRP $5,099.This largest model is not expected to be released until December.



Sony Motionflow Demonstration



Motionflow 200Hz.

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It will be interesting to see what the capabilities of Sony’s new integrated cable TV turner will do. Sony was supposed to be working on a cooperative effort with the cable industry on the rumored “cable card III” technology. Will an IP addressable encryption card fit into the PCMCIA slot? Will this be the end of the cable box?



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