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Playlist To Mp3 Player



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When I create a playlist and save it as a m3u file, is each song file copied to that m3u file or is there a path to where the song was originally stored? If there is only a path to that song file which is stored originally on my desktop, how would my mp3 player play that song (when the mp3 player is not connected to the desktop)? Is there another way to store the playlist so that each song file is copied to the playlist file?

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To add to what Jim said,you will have to copy all the tracks to your mp3 player also.

All the playlist does is play the tracks in the order they are in on the list.

Typically if you don't have a playlist the device will play the tracks in a different order.

You need to create a playlist that your device will use.As Jim noted different players use different formats.

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