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Music Id



I have all my music files stored on my "C" drive in the MP3 format. All files are labled with

Artist, Title & Album. I tired burning a "Audio" CD with some of my music files. The CD was burned with all the songs I put in the add music menu.


When I checked the finished CD, the songs played on my stereo but there was no music ID. No artist, title or album the only thing is said in each of the songs property window was Short Cut 44KB?


What gives here? Can it be fixed?



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Please be aware that an "audio CD" is one burned in audio format. It's the special format that pressed commercial music CDs use.


Audio format is a bunch of music tracks, with no discernible file system, so when you try to look at an audio CD in Windows Explorer there are no files shown. For convenience, many Windows applications show audio tracks on a CD audio disc as if they were .CDA files [e.g. track1.cda] but they're not really files.


Easy Media Creator 10 will burn album, track, and artist information on a CD audio disc it burns, in a form called "CD-Text" which many applications and appliances such as car stereos can and do display. However for some reason completely unknown to me, few Microsoft programs will read and display this CD-Text. Windows Media Player [even] won't display it unless you use a special add-on. I am at a total loss to explain this, unless someone from MS was hoping to make a buck selling you the special software.


If you want to check and see if this information was burned onto the disc, have a look at it with the HACP Player which is a very small, safe, free download. If CD-Text is on the CD, the HACP player will show it.


If your CD plays in your stereo the Audio disc has certainly been made and burned properly. It remains only for you to get hardware or software which will display the information burned on there.





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