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Remove Captured Av Video Audio Output



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I am very new at this. I have a production that I created from videos I captured from my camcorder. I want to remove all the audio from the captured video and replace it with music. How can I do this? Thanks.


In VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced), click on the Timeline tab, bring in your video to the Video track, click on it, to highlight it, then click on the speaker icon, at the top of Production Editor, and select mute. That mutes the native audio, of your video.


Then, bring in your music clips, to the audio tracks.

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What is the best way to make one DVD from several captured videos. Delete the sound from the video. Add music to the video. Then what is the best format to save it in to burn the DVD later. Thanks in advance.


if you have the disc space, just save the project but you must keep all the elements of the video in the place where they were when you made the project.


If you do not have disc space, then it becomes what type of DVD you want to create. If it is a regular DVD, you can output the project to a mpg2 for DVD best quality file. When you go to make your DVD, the application will use those directly and not re-encode so it will be faster.

Now if you might want to do any editing in the future, encode to an uncompressed AVI file. That will maintain the best quality for further editing.


In either of the above, if you need to edit, you will be editing a video file so changing transitions, effects, text, etc will not be possible. You will be able to edit music via mute native audio track and will be able to cut out sections.

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