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When making an audio CD you can select and drag the tracks in whatever order you want. There isn't a way to automatically sort by artist within Toast. If you are adding tracks from iTunes then you can create a playlist there, sort it by artist, open Toast and choose Audio with the Toast media browser and drag your playlist to Toast. The tracks should remain in the playlist order.


Note: Toast's media browser only recognizes iTunes playlists that are present at the time Toast is launched. So if you change or add iTunes playlists while Toast is open you need to quit and relaunch Toast for it to see the new playlist.


I'm not sure I remember how to get the track list to Disc Cover RE (is that what you meant by "disc creator"?). I believe you need to choose Save in Toast to create a Toast .disc file and that Disc Cover reads that file. After selecting your label format you'll see a window with three icons on the top left. Click the left-most icon and click the button that probably reads iTunes. You'll see a setting for Toast Titanium. Selecting that opens a dialogue for you to find the .disc file.

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