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Size Of Copied Video On Computer Monitor



I have copied several recorded DVD's (from TV programs) to my hard drive.

Some of them show up full screen on my computer but others are a lot smaller in the center of the screen.

I would like to make them all the large size. Can someone help me.


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How did you look at them?

Hi, Thanks for the reply.

I look at them by double clicking on the video in my Video file and they play through Windows Media Player.

Your answer gave me a clue so I played them through Windows Media Centre and they did come up full size but the quality wasn't there.

I don't understand why some of them would play in Windows Media Player in the large size and some in the small size when they are all copied the same way.

Thanks for any more guidance.

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They may all be copied in the same way, but were they all captured in the same resolution?


It would seem from what is happening that the smaller ones were captured in a smaller format. This makes smaller files to store, but as you see the definition suffers badly.


Whoever is capturing the shows off the air controls this setting, and that's the stage of the process you need to alter.

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