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I have the same problem and I have followed your advice. I'v ecreated the chapters. However, I don't have that option in the dialogue box. I'm using version 10. Any clues? (I note that the help centre says this is not an option for VCD .. don;t know what VCD is, but I definitely coudl do this in Version 5. Would be grateful for advice, as I am not able to concentrate on anything else as long as I have this problem ....!! (That's how sad I am!)

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.......the bottom left is a checkbox to Generate chapter menu(s)…


I have version 10, and I don't seem to have the button 'generate chapter menu and link to selected button'. I have just posted the same questions to another post .. sorry to be a nuisance, but this may be the answer I suppose. Any clues?!


Thanks in advance!




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