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No Recording Devises Detected



hello please help!!!!!! have a dell desktop/running vista.installed rn9 7 months ago everything worked fine.my computer crashed last month, they had to replace the harddrive and memory.seems to run fine again but when i reloaded rn9 again it loaded but i can not record audio off of u tube like i used to .it keeps telling me no recording devise found.talked with dell support(shoot me thru my head)they say its a software issue.the only thing differant is the new harddrive and memory they installed.its the same rn9 disk i bought and used b4.any help would be appreciated thanks jack

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Sounds like it can't find a device from your sound card to record from.

Try this:

Go to the Control Panel,Sound and the Recording tab.Whatever device you see there right click it.

Now check Show Disabled Devices.

Go back to the Recording tab and see if you see any new devices.If you do right click them and hit Enable.

Once you do this,reboot and then go back in and see if it shows any devices to record from.

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