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Using Toast For Creating Audio Cd Red Book Master



Hi, I am not too familiar with the Toast software line. I have heard that you can create audio master red book CD's using this software, however, I wasn't able to get much of a description from the product stats.


Can I use Toast to do the things that I have done before on Windows using CD Architect? I basically need to layout my album tracks, create cross-fades etc... and be able to burn a master red book CD that can be used for manufacturing CDs.


If Toast cannot do this, is there any Mac program at all comparable to CD Architect?


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Roxio used to sell Jam 6 which has all these capabilities. However, they chose to put most of Jam 6's capabilities into Toast 8 and then improved them in Toast 9. My understanding is Toast 9 is Red Book. It has cross fading and many other fine adjustments and writes its "disc images" in Sound Designer 2 Format (sd2f). It does lack a couple features that professionals have complained weren't ported over from Jam 6. By the way, I'm pretty sure Jam 6 still works very well (at least I haven't heard that it doesn't as I haven't used it for awhile) but you'd need to find a used copy.


I suggest searching this and the Jam 6 forum to learn more about what the audio professionals have discussed.


You can purchase Toast online from Roxio and return it for a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied that it meets your needs.

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