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I want my file names to be artist - song title



I am trying to get my file names from ripped CD song to be in the

format Artist name - song title. Since all my other songs in my directories

are in the format. I tried Classic, per one of the topics and that did not work either,

when I had a comp CD with many artist it showed various artist as the artist

name. Does anyone have an easy work around or setup. I am tired of editing

evey song after I burn it. Thanks in advance.

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When in Creator Classic, Click on TOOLS / OPTIONS. Then click on the COPY TRACK FROM AUDIO CD Tab. At the bottom is the file sturcture options.


It will extract the 'artist' according to Gracenotes or CD TEXT. On most compilations, the 'artist' will be labelled as 'various artists'. That's just the way it is. The artists' names is NOT stored with the individual track info. If you create a compilation yourself, then you could add the artist's name as part of the title.


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