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Monitor Recording Process

dr keith


Just purchased Roxio 2009 and installed it on my Dell Latitude running Win XP SP3. I purchased the Roxio USB Video Capture Card, and found out why it wasn't working while trying to digitize my old LPs after searching this support board.


To cut to the chase, my question is how can I listen to the progress of my recording while I'm actually recording? This was never a problem in the old days as I transferred LPs to cassettes.




I have my old Marantz turntable connected to an old Technics Receiver. I am connecting the receiver to my Dell using a Y-connector that has the usual Red & White connectors on one end attached to the Tape Out connectors on the receiver and the other end has a single male stereo connector plugged into my Line In port on my Dell Laptop.


I have a small headphone plugged into the headphone jack in my Laptop.


I have recorded part of an LP into my computer. I am unable to get any sound thru my headphone during recording. Once I stop recording, I can listen thru the phones.


I do not have speakers connected to this stereo with which to listen as well. Nevertheless, when I connected the Laptop to another stereo in the same way (Tape Out thru Y connector/adapter into Line In of Laptop) the stereo speakers became disabled just as often happened when I would plug in a headphone. This is weird, because I had always been able to use my speakers whenever the tape deck was connected and dubbing was being done.




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I hate to reply to my own question, but I think I solved the problem. Don't have any idea what I'm doing differently from before, but it's working. I have the cables going from the Tape Out of my old original Marantz 1070 Amplifier to the Line In of my laptop. The turntable is connected to the amp as it should be. I'm able to hear the recording thru my speakers while the Laptop is recording the LP.


I don't know what happened yesterday. As soon as I connected the cable into my laptop, the sound disappeared from the speakers of the stereo just as if I had plugged the headphones into the jack on the amp.


We'll see how the first few recordings go.


Thanks ahead of time.


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