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Jagged Edges On Text (typed Directly Or Imported Trg .psd)



Hi everybody:


First of all I'd like to congratulate support team for this fantastic and useful forum to support a big product such DvdIt.


Second: as I'm spanish..sorry very much for my english :-(



I´m working on a project that has a main menu. It has 3 sentences writed on it to describe the three chapters of the dvd. I'ts supposed that when mouse/remote pass over them they become highlighted (with grey color) and becomes pure black when selected.I've tryed 3 different ways to compose it:


-1st: Tiff image as main menu background whith the chapter titles writed on white (unselected color for chapters)+ add three button objects (single layer) made with photoshop (with transparency)for each of the chapter titles over imposed in the menu and I,ve created the buttons and so on...


-2nd.: Tiff as main menu background whitout chapters writed on white + I write twice the chapters text directly over the menu.I use the text tool. I lock the background text and work with the foreground text,then I then creat the buttons and so on...


-3rd. I create a .psd menu with the layers Background and Overlay. Background contains chapter titles writed in white and Overlay contains the same ones in black. Then I draw the buttons with hightlingt tool, link the content and so on...


WHY in BOOTH three cases the OVERLAY TEXT appears jagged what looks terrific either on TFT, Plasma TV or tradicional TV(phosphore one)???


I've also tryed on 1st test to write on Photoshop the ALPHA chanel for the letters...but NOTHING.


How could I do a text that when highlighted (rollover function)DOESN'T jagg its border and the edges don´t appear pixillated.

Thanks in advance, any idea will be welcome.


Joan B.

(pd-sorry again for my english)

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