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Wmv To Divx



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The size of the output file depends, among other things, on the "output resolution" of the converted clip.


Using Video Copy and Convert [VCC] in Video Compilation mode, after you've 'added' your source video with the 'Add Movies' button you go to the Destination side of the screen.


There you select DivX and File/folder for the format. Now click on the Options button. A box opens which looks like this:




Clicking the pulldown beside Output Resolution gives you 6 options, and the option you select determines the size of the output file.

e.g. I used a file called Candy_main.wmv from one of the Roxio folders, and converted it to DivX AVI.


The source file was 960 x 540 pixels, and was 1,150,018 bytes.

At 320 x 240 the result was 667,024 bytes

At 640 x 480 it was 1,291,092 bytes

At 1280 x 720 it was 1,920,886 bytes


I trust this answers your question. You choose your output resolution according to the size of file you want, bearing in mind that the more you shrink your picture from the original size, the more picture information [definition] you will lose.




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Hi and thanks for your help. Actually the wmv video resolution is 640x480 and I did choose the same resolution when creating the divx file. But for some reason it more then doubles it's size. I will try one of the other resolutions but like you said I'm afraid it will lose some of it's definition when I watch it on my t.v.

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