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Nothing to do with where I posted

Art Worsh


I have been successful installing C2009 on my desktop, following the pinned instructions and this "clean recipe", but only after failing to get it to work on my preferred platform, my laptop.


On the laptop, It appears to complete ok but after a reboot, the desktop shortcut changes from the correct address, "C:\Program Files\Roxio Creator 2009\Roxio Central 4" to an incorrect one "C:\Program Files\Roxio\Roxio Central 4\Roxio Central 4\RoxioCentralFx.exe", an address which does not exist. If it is double-clicked, it fails with a "cannot find target" message. If I change the shortcut to point to"C:\Program Files\Roxio Creator 2009\Roxio Central 4", it continually prompts to be "calibrated"/rebooted, calibrated, etc..


Any ideas?






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