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Easy Creator 6


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When trying to start the Easy DVD/CD Creator, I get the error message "C:\Common files" and also "PMSTUDIO.EXE is linked to missing export DSOUND.DLL:11." What is this error message? Is this a file that is missing from Creator or Windows ME. This program worked the last time that I created a slide show to disc.

I have uninstalled then reinstalled Creator 6, then updated it. No help. Everything else works in Easy Creator6 except the DVD/CD creator.

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The error message phrase "(first file) is linked to missing export

(second file) (compenent name)" means that (first file) is expecting

certain content (missing export) contained in (second file) and that

particular content is not there.


The most common cause of this type of error message is that (second

file) is an outdated version and (first file) is looking for something

that is only found in a newer version of (second file). So the usual

way of resolving these errors is to obtain the newest available

version of (second file).


That explanation of the error is from the Microsoft discussion groups. It would indicate that something is wrong or 'different' with your copy of dsound.dll. There should be a copy in the Windows\System32 folder and another in Windows\System32\Dllcache.


Have you installed or updated some software involving Microsoft's DirectSound recently? It may have changed/replaced your copy of dsound.dll.


If it's any help, the version of that DLL I have in my version 6 system is file version 5.3.2600.2180. It is 367,616 bytes, dated 3 August 2004.




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