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Blu-ray No Play - Well Plays, But Black Screen No Sound



New to Blu-ray disc creation and going nuts.


My discs burn fine but when I put them in a Sony BDP-S350 to view all I get is black and no sound. The Sony player recognizes the discs as BD-R or BD-RE. Sometimes, it acts as if it's playing them (counter on player counts up etc) but all I get is black screen and no sound. I've done the latest FW updates to the Sony player to no avail.


I'm I missing something basic? My work flow is to write a volume to my desktop and then burn this to the Blu-ray disc with DVDit Pro HD (actually Avid DVD by Sonic - which I believe is the same software).


In reading through the forums before posting I came across a few mentions of removing the AACS folder from the volume before burning. I don't see a folder called AACS. Do have one called "certificates". Is this some kind of DRM thing going on?


Feel like I'm missing something simple here.


Thanks for any help!

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I'll try the image file. I had tried it before and it let me burn the disc. Sony BDP-S350 player recognized the disc and acted if it was playing it normally (push play and counter on player displayed ascending time) but output no picture or sound.


Hi Marc,


Was your original media HDV 1140x1080?


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