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Spin Doctor Question



I have been using Spin Doctor to convert my LPs to MP3 files. It has worked great for nearly 200 albums but the last three have had problems.

I have named all the songs from the albums and provided the artist as well such as Chuck Mangione, 'He Was A Friend Of Mine' from Chase the Clouds Away. In the past, iTunes has seen all this data. Now, all of a sudden, it only sees this data once. If I do a search in iTunes, the songs are there but the artist and album information I entered in Spin Doctor before I sent them to iTunes is missing from all but one of the songs. Is this a problem others have faced and could help me solve?

The Toast I am using on my Mac running 10.4.11 is 9.0.4



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All I can suggest is trashing the spindoctor plist file in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunching Spin Doctor. Hopefully that will clear this up.


Having tried a few more LPs, I think the problem was me and not Spin Doctor. I don't think I was highlighting the songs correctly before adding in the artist and album. So, this information only went into the first songs record, not the rest. It is back to working the way it should/was now that I take a closer look at how I highlight the individual songs on the album. Thanks for the suggestion; trashing the plist has helped with the few other problems I have had.


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