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Video Freezes When Playing Through Power Point 2003



:rolleyes: Please help me,

My I.T department have purchased and installed the Creator 2009 on my work Laptop. I ahve converted some DVD footage to a Mpeg file. Size is 393Mg. I have built a power point and on one slide i have inserted the movie. When I run the power on my laptop it runs perfectly. As soon as I go to copy the power point and video file across to either a flash drive or disc it does one of a couple of things:


1: if it allows me to copy it to the disc/flash drive when I go to play the power point in full on a different PC or laptop the screen where the movie had previously worked now stays with the black image of where the clip should start.


2: It doesnt let me copy straight across without a meassge coming up about something to do with a roxio stream $ thing?


The clip works fine as a stand alone clip on other Pc and laptops it just wont allow me to play it through power point?


Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Have you tried the package option in Powerpoint? Look in Help for packaging a presentation to run on another computer.

The packaging includes all the files used in the presentation.


OK here's the description in Help:


About packaging a presentation to run on another computer

When you want to run a presentation on another computer, use the Pack and Go Wizard to put all the required files into one file and copy the file to a disk or network location. You then unpackage the file onto the destination computer or network and run the presentation.


When you package your presentation, you can include any linked files in the package, and if you use TrueType fonts you can embed them as well. Embedding fonts guarantees that the fonts will be available when you run the presentation on a different computer. (However, note that the wizard cannot include TrueType fonts that have built-in copyright restrictions.)


If you make changes to your presentation after you package it, just run the Pack and Go Wizard again to repackage it. You can package multiple presentations at once.


You can also include the Powerpoint viewer to use the presentation on a PC that does not have Powerpoint installed.

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