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The Creeping Crud



Don't know what else to call it?


When 2009 is running fine then starts throwing little errors or failure, it is time for the Clean Install.


I was starting to see little funny things. Media Manager when I selected Scenes it would not retain them. The next time I opened it…


Video Copy & Convert would stall out on large projects. Claimed it was still running and responsive 12 hours but it wasn't done and was only using 2% of CPU whereas it normally pulls 75%…


Add Movie/Photo would need 10 to 15 seconds to open after being clicked.


Of course I did all the usual's, rebooted, defragged invoked several colorful wraths…


For fun, I tried a reinstall (dirty install?) by just installing it. That did nothing.


Then I tried a semi-clean install – MS Cleanup Utility and delete a few of the directories. Then ran the Install.


This was a disaster! VideoWave & MyDVD threw runtime errors.


Finally did the line by line Clean Install and the sun came out and there were rainbows…


Actually it snowed most of the day but 2009 was up and running in all respects.


Next time I will be a little faster to do the Clean Install.


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"When in doot - apply the boot" :P


aka - 'format C:\ ;)


Anyway - it's not just C2009 that gathers crud as it rolls along - doze is particularly prone to the same ailment :lol:

The complexity of the program is probably a factor. I have had Office Pro 2000 installed for years on my PC's and never had to repair it.


Used to use a $20,000 3D CAD/CAM program that would go flaky from time to time. Never reinstalled it, but it would act odd for a day or two then poof, run right. :huh:


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