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Rip Hangs



I load an audio CD, ensure all the track names have been retrieved and all tracks are selected, click "Go"


Nothing happens.


I've waited as long as an hour.


When I try to close the window I get the message, "Please wait for all tasks to complete before exiting. Busy tasks: "Rip"


Any suggestions?

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There are 4 different programs that will capture audio from a CD.


Care to share more details?


Did you try all 4?


(Rip: Rip Advanced: Create Music Disc Projects: Create DVD Music Discs)



...and it looks like your suggestion "fixed" the problem. I tried running Advanced Rip and that worked. I went back to trying Rip and now that is working as well. My thought is there was a temp file left from EMC 9 that blocked Rip but was deleted by AR.

I wouldn't mind using AR but can't figure out how to see the track names before you copy. W/ Rip (and other similar programs you get to see a track list first.


Anyway, thanks for your help.




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