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Do I Detect A Note Of Panic Here?


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"Many organizations are tempted to skip Windows Vista entirely and wait for the next release, Windows 7, which Microsoft plans to release in late 2009 or early 2010. Skipping versions of Windows entirely generally increases the risk of having unsupported applications running on the selected operating systems (OSs)."



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My finding from having to keep up the oS software on 22 computers was that when we changed OS's it was the training that cost the most. However skipping a particular new OS will not change that fact. Sooner or later the training will have to be done. One might think about what the cost of whatever versions of Windows 7 MS is planning on coming out with, but if it will be a considerable cost increase just like xp to Vista was, then that is something to consider also.


On the other hand, if you have yourself or a number of computers that are working fine with the programing needed and OS being used, then "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" might prevail !!


One might think about the hardware aspect of changing OS's also <_<



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About half-way thru the 5-year WinXP span, a friend of mine was hired by a major city because she was still current on Win95, because that was what they were still using. It did the job, and all their software worked with it.


Despite being considered incorrect in noting all the library, city, county, and business computers coming into interconnection.org for refurbishing last year were timed as WinXP was winding to an end, I do note two facts supporting the idea that people were trying to beat the deadline for a debugged WinXP upgrade. The first is that the computers coming in had Win2000 and even WinNT or Win98. The second is tht this year there are far fewer incoming computers, and a higher percentage of PCs from individuals (which don't have the easy, standard setup you get when you have 50 that came - for example - from the same library system).


I suspect there will be a lot of places that will sit this one out.



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The MS scare tactic of "end of life" for XP worked on very few large businesses. Compatibility issues, cost and what value am I getting in return stopped a lot of businesses from going forward. When PCs become depreciated, businesses tend to have them replaced. However, some businesses are extending the depreciation length due to economic issues. With the economy being bad, Windows 7 will still bring up the same questions. If manufacturers have to write and update drivers then we should expect delays since many have pared back on developers.


It's not a good situation out there in IT land.

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What I have noticed here Dave is that Linux is being regarded now as more 'mainstream' and less 'geeky'. Distros like Ubuntu have helped a lot, along with the tacit backing of Sun providing OpenOffice.org with almost the complete Star Office source code.


Sun also will let you download and install Solaris 10 for free (it''s not Linux but does use .rpm)


It's becoming a lot simpler for the end-user (OK, I'm a masochist so I use Gentoo :lol: - just never went as far as 'Linux from Scratch' ;) )


The point is that it IS making inroads into Windows (despite all the hype from Redmond). The mere fact that MS and Novell have teamed up and are selling SUSE Linux is an indication of that. Also the fact that MS plan on releasing 'Moonlight' (Linux version of Silverlight) in the near future would tend to support the fact that MS is starting to back-pedal regarding Open Source and free software.


Check this Tech Republic article




Roxio - seeing that you DO have a BSD program already (Macs run on the BSD kernel) - when ARE we going to see a binary for Linux? :rolleyes:

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