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Multiple Scenes To One Dvd



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You can use the "VIDEO_TS Compilations" setting if you want to put videos from different VIDEO_TS folders on one new DVD.


But since you want to add scenes rather than entire titles you need to choose DVD-video as the format in Popcorn and add the individual chapters you want from the source VIDEO_TS using the Media Browser. Place a VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop or in the Movies folder and choose DVD with the browser's top button. You then use the button below "DVD" to access the chapters level of the source DVD. After Popcorn extracts the video you want, replace the VIDEO_TS folder with a different one in the Finder or the Movies folder.


If you want to select scenes other than individual chapters I suggest using MPEG Streamclip or Miraizon's Cinematize to clip specific portions of the video. Then drag those clips to the Popcorn window. Each clip will be its own title on the new DVD. See Popcorn Help for info about setting up your DVD menu.

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