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Odd Burning Problem



I recently got a new Sony Desktop with Easy Media Creator 10 LJ al ready installed in it. For the last 2 months I have had no problems whatsoever either copying discs or creating disc images, and later burning them. However, now whenever I go to copy a disc or burn a disk image to a disc, when it is completed I do not get the usual "your disc was created successfully" message, but rather an alarm prompt that states that one or more of the parts of my disc do not match the image or original source. However, when I go to play the dvd on my player, it plays fine. It does not jump or freeze, and there are no underuns, the words match the moving lips, and the picture is outstanding. Is everything really ok, or do I have a problem on my hands?



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Do you have the verify option turned on?


I usually disable that - all it does is to tell you your disc matches the source or it doesn't - to me it's a bit of a waste of time really


If the disc works, it works so I wouldn't worry unduly

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I can't be sure - I've never used verify since waaaay back when CD writers cost a cool grand and ran at 2x :lol:


I was told back then that using verify was a total waste of time - if the disc was ok, it would work and if it wasn't it wouldn't and verify didn't do a thing except take an age to tell you that ;)

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