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Does Creator Ever Install? Is It Real?



This has to be the most flawed software on the planet. I have tried to intsall/clean install this software around 12 or so times now and it still won't install. I tried the discerror_Hotfix and that didn't resolve anything. Still get the message "you must install roxio easy media creator 10 before installing the Content". I have had every probelm mentioned on this forum. I have tried every recommended solution, nothing has worked. Does anyone have a working copy of Creator 2009? Is it legimate? I have a few more days left to still request a refund, 30 day limit. I can do clean installs with my eyes closed. I bought the software to make a DVD of 2 year daughter to give to her Grandmother on her 60th birthday. Her birthday was last week. Everytime I do a clean install and new error occurs. My computer in new, 4 weeks old. All my other software runs smoothly. I have vista 64bit business os system. Can someone let me know if it is "TRULY" possible to install Creator 2009? I have tried from both my CD/DVD and the download installers!! I have spent more than 40 hours or so trying, time to give up...I think it's time for a refund.

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