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Updating EMC6



I have installed a retail version of EMC8. When I try to update (patch my software) with the downloaded update the install aborts saying that it cannot find the installed file it needs to update. Can you help? I am trying to update the dvd drive list. I have a MicroAdvantage DVD/CD writer and cannot make audio cds from mp3s. It aborts after about 50% done. So I don't think that EMC8 recognizes my drive. It works fine on my Plextor.

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Are you sure that your version of EMC 8 needs to be updated? Are you getting an update notification or did you just go to the update site? If your installation is relatively new, it is probably up to date. Open VideoWave or MY DVD and go to help/about what is the build number? If it is 805XXX, you are already up to date.


Updating my drive firmware might help EMC8 recognize my drive. However, why can't I update my retail version of EMC8. The patch still won't run. Thanks,



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