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Play All Clips On Menu



Without a users manual I have found working with Creator 2009 very frustrating to say the least, it appears to have lots of capability however the Man to Machine interface if very, very poor and nothing seems to be intuitive. I have three short videos on a menu and I’m experiencing extreme frustration trying to link them. I created a Video Play Button that seemed to work by having the settings for it set to play all videos on the menu, when the Preview window finished playing the last video clip it started playing the second video clip again. I adjusted the settings for the last clip to go to the menu when finished I played the videos again with the Preview window and it went to the second video at the end of the third video rather that going to the menu.

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You can download the 2009 user manual here:




also worth looking in Tips and tricks for 2009, 10 and 9 (most if not all will work in 2009), see if





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Unfortunately the link to the Users Manual doesn’t work. I’ll study the other suggested tip however at first glance it appears to be a workaround to a software problem. The more I read and study this program the more disappointed I become.


Thanks for your suggestions.

It is a user problem :lol:


You have to learn how to use the software. It is working as intended and designed. This is complex stuff and it is frustrating to learn.


At least you have this forum where most of us have been there, done that and are willing to share.


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Has anyone figured out how to use the SETTINGS menus when you RIGHT click a video? Specifically the “Link section” and the “Active on selection” at the bottom.

Yes we do… ;)


But you are going to have to be very specific as to what you have and what you want it do. (it is difficult to convey a picture verbally!)


Activate on Selection means just what it says! If you arrow by that button, as soon as it is touched, it Plays! No pressing enter or changing your mind. Think of it as a video landmine… (don't use it)


I make it out that you have 3 clips and 3 Titles (buttons) + a 4 button that you want to use as a Play All?


Your problem is when movie 3 plays it then goes from there to movie 2?


Try setting the Link – After Playing – Use Title Action


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