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Burn Error Message



Using MyDVD, when I try and burn the disc I get the following error message "Estimated size of the ISO image or file-set exceeds the available hard disk space. If you continue, content may be truncated"


DVD 4.7 GB, Used: 2963 MB, Free: 1737.0 MB, Time Remaining 00:24:40


I have 24GB+ space on my hard drive.


What am I doing wrong?

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You don't have enough space on the hard drive for both the iso image and the temp files needed to create it.


Try clearing some space (delete temp files, empty recycle bin, etc), but you may need a bigger drive


How much space is needed? I am having the same issue but have 6x the space avaliable on my hard drive compared to what is being burned on the DVD.

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As a rule of thumb, at a minimum double the size of the DVD (about 8 - 10 GB free) to allow for temp files and the 'image'


If Windows is reporting insufficient space and you think there should be more, run ChkDsk/f at boot - you may have lost clusters


Also, if you formatted to FAT32, there is a 4 GB limit on file sizes

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What file system is your drive formatted to?


If it's FAT32, there is a 4 GB limit on all files.


If NTFS, run chkdsk at boot to see if you have any lost clusters


Also empty the temp folder and the recycle bin

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