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Mydvd Help



I have created a slideshow of pictures with MyDVD. I have it set to displaying each picture for 7 seconds. There are a couple of text slides that I want it to pause longer than 7 seconds on... is this possible? If so, can someone help me do it? I can't figure out how to change the settings for individual slides. Thanks.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I'm new to all this video editing stuff.


One more question... in your reply you are using VideoWave. I am using MyDVD. Would Videowave be better to use and if so, can I transfer my current project into it without having to redo it?


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Oops, sorry I should have paid more attention. :rolleyes: I hardly ever use that. Unfortunately, I don't think you can transfer those projects to Videowave.


As far as I know there is no way to change the duration of a single slide when you use the slide show wizard. That's why we suggest using Videowave. Videowave give you much more flexibility.

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Not clear here at all???


Did you use MyDVD or Roxio Slideshow Assistant or MyDVD Express???


All 3 of these can make a slideshow and if you throw in VideoWave you have 4!


Individual slide durations can be edited in any of them but in one case it can get a little tricky…


You said "MyDVD" so I will assume you are right and cover that one.


Right click the Menu button and select Edit Movie.


It will probably be easier in Storyline view to see the individual pics. Right click the pic of your choice and select Trim. Set the duriation.


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