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Dvd Video Failing With -39 Error Code, Toast 9.0.4



I recently upgraded to Toast Titantium 9.0.4 and while it is improved a bit, I still find quite a few video files cannot be burned to DVD, or a disk image, due to error -39.


Toast 7 used to work fine, but ever since Toast 8 was release, at least half of my video files fail to burn to DVD with this error.


Roxio is obviously aware of the problem since the 9.0.4 release note mention the problem, but it still isn't fixed completely.


The only thing it really fixed for me was burning EyeTV files.


I still have trouble with others.




I traced debug messages from Toast, and every time there is a -39 error, Toast reports a memory allocation failure. The error is usually due to bad pointer code. It looks like this is just bad code they need to fix.


Does anyone know of another program which can burn various video files to a DVD? I really need to do this and Toast is failing on pretty much all of them I need this week.



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