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Can't Install Roxio Creator Basic 9 Due To Windows Installer



I'm trying to install Roxio Creator Basic 9 on a Windows 2000 sp 4 machine. It allows me to go through and select everything but once it starts to install Windows Installer pops up and won't allow it fails to install. I've tried using Windows Installer 3.0, 3.1, and 3.1 V2. There are no registry entries for Sonic or Roxie and there is nothing about either of them in the Windows Installer Clean-Up application either. Is there anybody who knows of something else that could fix my problem?

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EMC 9 works with W2K but the update to EMC 9.1 (Vista compatible) does not.


I suspect, however, in this case the fact it is OEM might be very relevant - it may or may not be installable in a different PC than the one it came with.



Yep... Lynn has it... the 9.1 update didn't work with W2K, required XP.


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Thank you Dave, and Lynn. I remember you saying you couldn't install one of those updates, on your W2K machine. I just couldn't remember which one it was. :)

Yeah... I found it pretty irksome that an OS change would be required for a minor version change. For a major version change, sure, but the minor version change annoyed me.

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