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Using Audio From Video Clips



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can you use audio from a video clip and put it in any of the audio tracks (prefferedly the native track) so it can be heard on top of a different video clip? for instance, use the audio from an interview video and play it over a video of a skyline.





You can put it any of the audio tracks, except the Native Audio track. There are a few audio tracks, besides the native audio. If they aren't showing, in VideowWave (Edit Video-Advanced), click on the Timeline button, then click on Show/Hide Tracks, and click in the boxes to the left of all of the audio tracks, then click OK. You can now drag, and position, audio clips to any of those tracks, except the native audio.

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i dont think i explained this properly. i have an imported video, i want to keep only the audio from it and replace the video with something else. i tried dragging the native audio from the video into a different audio track like nar of music but it only stays attached to the video.



In VideoWave, click on View, then click on Media Selector, then, in Media Selector, browse to that video clip, right click on it, and select Extract Audio. Give it a name, and select a folder where you want the .wav file saved, then click Save.


You will now be able to make a new VideoWave production, and you can bring in that .wav file to whatever video you want it to overlay. You don't have to bring in the video, from which, you extracted the audio.

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