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Thinking Of Buying From Roxio? Read This First.



I had to re-install windows and therefore all software on my edit suet. I have a long standing issue with compatibility between a Matrox capture card and DVDit Pro HD.

Anyway, when I tried to run DVDit HD I had to activate it. Just like I did every time I re-installed the software, but now the activation fails with a message saying I have exceeded activation limits. I raised a ticket with technical support and a day latter I got a reply saying I should re-install DVDit HD! Like that's going to help with activation.

It's the Roxio's server that allows activation not my PC. Anyway I then contact direct chat and spoke to Joshua. I finally thought I was getting somewhere when he told me that I need another software key and he has raised a ticket with technical support and they would contact me by the end of the day. Well that was yesterday and I'm still waiting. I made it clear that this was urgent because I have a client waiting for me to finish a project but despite that assurance I would be contacted I now have a very big problem with a job I cannot complete and a client snapping at my heals. This could cost me real money if this does not get sorted today. It appears that Roxio are happy to take the money for there products but there support is almost non existent.

Actually this is a very simple task. All that has to be done is activations limits need to me reset on Roxio’s server. Is that too much to ask?

This does raise a question. Would I buy a product from this company again. NO. That would make me stupid!


Day 2

And just for those who may be thinking of Roxio some of there hard earned cash, I have now been promised three times over 2 days that my issue would be resolved by the end of business yesterday and again today. Guess what? I'm still waiting. One other point, this is costing me real cash. I will probably loose future business with the client I am letting down as a result of Roxio's appalling support.

I will keep posting the truth accross the forums untill i can use the software i paid hard cash for.





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