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Temp File Space For Single Dvd Drive Copy



I 'deleted' the Temp files that Roxio had failed to remove after completing the disc copy using a single DVD drive. The files had been left in: C:\Users\Owner\Appdata\Local\Temp.


I would say there is still a problem with Roxio not deleting the Temp files as the Help file says it will do. I resolved my primary problem of getting the Temp file space released. It would be helpful if Roxio Help indicated where it placed Temp files in case some problem outside of Roxio interrupts the deletion process. I had tried to use Search for the files by file size over 1GB and that failed. I had also done a quick analysis of folder sizes on my hard drive by holding the cursor over the folder and did the right mouse click for Properties for those too big to display the first way. It turns out that my Windows Vista is inconsistent. The folder containing the Temp files left by Roxio only showed about 400MB+ with the cursor display but the right mouse click for Properties showed the folder being almost 17GB.



I copied a double-layer DVD using one DVD read/write drive and the 7GB of temporary file space used on my hard drive was not deleted after the copy. This is consuming my 'C' drive. Where is this temp file created so that I can delete the temp file on my own. Roxio 'Help' only says a temp file is created and deleted (did not happen) but does not specify the file name or location for the temp file so that I can remove it.

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