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Background Audio And Video Audio



I now am using Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 but wondering if Creator 9 has a fix. When creating a photo show using VideoWave, I add background audio. I'd like to add a video clip (e.g., .avi file recorded w/ my camera) amongst the still photos, but when I do the background audio plays as well as the sound from the video. Is it possible to stop or pause background audio during the playing of the video file, and then have the background audio resume and continue w/ the rese of the photo images?

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It is Creator 2009! Creator 9 refers to a product that was 2 versions ago. Some genus cooked up the '2009' instead of calling it EMC 11…


Yes you can do that with 2009 but you can also do that with EMC 8.


VideoWave, Timeline view, show Native Audio. Split your clip to isolate the Native audio you want mute and right click it and Mute.


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