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Cd Spin Doctor Recordings To 2 Computers?



We are transferring our music collection to our computers. My husband is working on the vinyl and I will be working on the cassettes. He has gotten started, and generally things seem to be going well -- with 2 exceptions.


1. Once he has the music in iTunes (or anywhere wlse, for that matter) it will not allow itself to be transferred to my computer. We have tried saving to his desktop and then I go there and add it to my library (via iTunes), but it comes over as a doc, not a music file. We have tried exporting it, duplicating and dragging to the desktop, etc. but nothing works. If I try adding to my library via my iTunes looking in his iTunes, it transfers over, but once his computer is off/sleeping, it will no longer play on my computer (get the exclamation mark). So, the question is -- how do I get this music from his computer to mine (and eventually the cassettes from mine to his)? Burning to CD works, sort of -- the song info does not come over with the CD tracks.


2. Once he has finished recording an album, he names the songs, etc. and puts them in iTunes. When he goes to start another recording, Spin Doctor shuts down and has to be totally restarted. What's up with that? Any ideas how to proceed.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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In Spin Doctor select the tracks you want to save and press Control+Click. You'll see a contextual menu where you can choose Save Tracks to Disk. There is also an option to apply the filters at this time if you haven't already done this. If you have your computer's hard drive mounted via File Sharing on your husband's Mac, then the location of the saved tracks can be on your drive. These tracks will be AIFF files.


The CD Text track info burned by Toast to an audio CD is not read by computers. Macs read track info from a database file on the hard drive. If a match for an audio CD that has the same number and length of audio tracks is not present in that database file then a match is searched for from the online CDDB for download. If no match is there you'll get the generic album and track names until new information is entered via iTunes, which then is written to the Mac's database file. A shortcut is to use CD Text to cdinfo from dougscripts.com to automate the transfer of CD Text information burned by Toast to the database file on the Mac.


Does your husband choose New Recording from the File menu when starting a new Spin Doctor recording?

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