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Not sure if this is possible but if it is what must I do. My brother scanned all my mom's photos and put onto a CD-R. Created in Arlesimages. When I open the disc is says arlesimges (folder) then sm, lrg and tn. I can view it with a webbrowser on my PC but it won't play on a TV with a DVD. My brother says it was created as a Data file.


Is it possible to copy this over to another CD-R or DVD (?) not sure if it should be R or RW so that we can view it on a television?.


If it can then how do I go about doing so. I only have Roxio Easy creator 5 and Sonic. Also Windows Movie Maker. I am using Windows XP.

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Information on Arlesimages is available here:



Note they have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a discussion Forum.


It appears the program is intended to post pictures onto the web.


Both ECDC 5 and Sonic (you didn't say which Version) have the ability to copy a disc (assuming it is not copy-protected), as does WinXP. However, a copy of a data disc that doesn't work on a DVD player, will not work on a DVD player either.


If your brother can send you a data disc of the scans in a recognized picture format, such as .jpg, it is possible some DVD players will play it; others won't.




PS: You want to use R media, since you want to keep it. RW discs can be completely erased and re-used, which make them useful for testing things, but they are unreliable for long-term archiving.

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