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How Can I Edit A Dvd ?


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Hi All, As you will see this is all new to me so bear with me !

I have copied several old home videos to DVD, so far so good. I can make copies of the DVD's but would like to edit them before the copies are made. Is this possible ?

All info would be gratefully receieved. Thanks.


Not typically. You will have to copy the folder containing the VOB files from the DVD to your hard drive. Open Video Wave and add the VOB files by number. That will put the video back into an editable application.


... Or you can start from scratch if you still have the original video files on your computer.


What do you want to edit?


Suggestion, in the future, when you go to burn from MyDVD, encode (render) to an ISO file. Watch the ISO using something like VLC (free player). You will sometimes catch things you didn't see before. If everything is OK, you can then copy that ISO to as many discs as you want.


Also do not delete the original files unless you don't have disk space. Editing the originals in VideoWave does not change or overwrite the originals unless you output the edit file as the same name and same format.


Pup, it would also help if you post in the forum for the Version of the software you are using. That will allow responders to understand what options you have available to you. You are posting in a general section which is designed to answer general questions NOT related to Roxio products. I would move the thread but I don't know where.




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