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Audio In Music Disc Creator



Can someone please help me?! I'm working on a two-disk set of audio cds. I've been using Music Disc Creator. Several tracks have dead time (2-8 seconds). So, in order to have consistent gaps between tracks, I tried "auto trim silence". Seemed to work alright; except every track was now set to fade-in, and I couldn't change it. So, I selected "edit audio" on each track, reverted the files, and manually shorted the end the songs. Length of songs was great. But, they are ALL set to fade-in!! This time revert didn't fix it. I imported all the songs again. When I enter "edit audio"; I don't even need to change the file, all I have to do is select "done" and the song is automatically set to fade-in with no way to fix it. If I select cancel after entering "edit audio", the file is unchanged. I would really like to clean up these long gaps, but fade-in destroys most of the songs. (I did trying selecting, re-selecting the fade button several times.) I am now in a serious time crunch and need to get this done asap. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks.

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Are you saying that all the songs have varying amounts of silence at the end of the tracks?

If so use Sound Editor and trim the silence from the end and then export the tracks to a folder on your hard drive.

The originals will be in there spot and the edited tracks will be in the new folder.

Once you have all the tracks exported then use those not the originals to make the cd.


Also in the bottom pane you can try setting the Transition time.

Make sure the Fade in isn't set in the same place.

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