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Storyline Thumbnails Distorted



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anyone know why my storyline thumbnails are distorted beyond recognition? they look like a "snowy" tv screen. they play fine, but its a pain to arrange them... i have to play each of them to see which clip they are. is there anything i can do to fix this?


What you describe with the distorted thumbnails also happens to my projects. Each time a project is saved and then reopened, the quality of the thumbnails (and transitions in my case) gets a little worse until the thumbnails are unrecognizable. It seems this happens to some folks and not others. Why it happens, I don't know.


If what I have described sounds like what is happening to your project (s), try deleting the corresponding dat file and that should clear up the problem. For example, if your project name is project1.dmsm, there will be a corresponding project1.dat file in the same folder as the dmsm file. Delete the project1.dat file and then reopen the project1.dmsm file. The dat file will be rebuilt and the distortion should be gone. Just to be safe, make a backup of the project before deleting the dat file just in case something goes wrong.


Hope that helps.


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yeah that worked. thanks a lot. that is really strange.. but at least there is a way of clearing it up. thanks again


Your welcome. As I said, I don't know why it happens, but it is an easy fix. You will have to delete that dat file more than once if you save and then reopen the project frequently.


Thanks for letting us know that it worked for you.


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