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Copy And Convert Dvd-video



Hello, I am attempting to convert a TV show which I recorded on my Home DVD recorder.


First error-While attempting to convert the program stopped working (while the caching title box was open)


I was able to convert to a Roxio image file (c2d extension)



Second error


I attempt to convert the image file to mpeg-4 (for my psp) and it fails while encoding




Running Windows Vista -32 bit


Intel 3.2 Ghz



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With some variations this should work:


Copy the entire VIDEO_TS folder to your HD.


Launch VideoWave (Video-Movies – Edit and Transfer – Edit Video-Advanced)


Add Movie and navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder. Select any file in there then follow the prompts.


Edit if you like then use the Output As to render to a file. (Save will save the project but not one byte of video).


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