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Ver 2009 Cannot Find My Printer

Glenn P


I received the DVD for Roxio Media Creator 2009 this afternoon. So, after removing EMC 10, I install 2009. Looks great and seems to work fine on this 64 bit Vista Business OS, with 8 GB DDR2-800 RAM.


I was able to burn a DVD with no flags (errors).


Then, while "playing" with it I decided to print a label for the DVD+R I just burned!


IN EMC 10 I could not get it to "see" my Lightscribe" DVD, now 2009 "sees" both of them, and the HP-5610 printer on my wife's computer in her office.

BUT it cannot "find" the HP V40 printer sitting right here beside it.


How may I convince EMC 2009 that the V40 printer is friendly? Or how may I add a printer to EMC 2009?

The new EMC 2009 has this: Ver 1.1.110; 4.12.00a Build 111B10E R03 411822A, c11


The HP V40 Officejet works fine with MS Office 2007, and other apps, as it did with EMC 10.


I would appreciate any suggestion, even though this isn't the end of the world if it won't work!


I just received a notice that there is an Update available, maybe that will "fix" it



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Yes, the HP V40 is set as default. (Has been for a very long time)


I forgot to mention, the Photo Module sees the V40 in the printer list.

So far, I have only found the Label Maker not seeing the V40


Also, I did the SP1 update last night, and tried the Label Maker, still does not recognize the V40.

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