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Remove Ticker Tape From Recorded Tv Video

David P


:wacko: Back in January I asked for help in removing a "Ticker Tape" scrolling at the bottom of the screen on a program I recorded on my DVR. The advise I received at the time seems simple, but I'm having a lot of problems with it. My first problem was that video files are VOB files. Roxio apparently doesn't use this media type. I had to use another program to convert this file to .PNG. I was then able to bring the video into Videowave. I was advised to bring the video into "Videowave". Then place a still image (maybe a solid color image) in the overlay track.. Resize & adjust to match scrolling tape. A 2nd advise recommended to have TV safe zone pattern displayed if planning to watch video on TV (My goal is to create a DVD for playback on TV or my computer using a software DVD player such as "PowerDVD"). My problem now is How do I "Place a still image in the overlay track? I tried the "Add Overlay" option, but I am unable to add any "overlay" that is not already in the menu. There is nothing that vaguely comes close to adding a still image. What am I not seeing or not doing properly?. Also the "TV Safe Zone pattern" blocks waaayyy tooo much from the sides and top of video to be of any use. I'm only looking to remove "Ticker Tape" at bottom, not 1/4 or more of Entire video. Can it be adjusted? I am a newbie doing this so a more step by step explanation would be more helpful. Thanks!! in advance for the help. :blink: Sorry, Forgot to mention I'm using EMC8 for this project.
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