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Avc (h.264) Conversion Problem



Ok, I've tried looking at this from every angle possible, and I'm lost.


A friend of mine sent me a bunch of videos that were encoded using AVC (H.264). Now, I want to cut out certain parts, using the Edit Video - Advanced. And while I was at it, I exported it in MPEG-2 format, since it's more friendly to more players, like winamp, etc., unlike AVC files. However, every file I convert from AVC, no matter what format it goes to, is jumpy/jittery. The image quality stays the same, but it keeps jumping, or going to slow. It just won't play smooth, like the original file does. And no matter what I do with the settings, it won't work. Any ideas?

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I used Movie Inspector on the original file, and came up with this.


Format: H264, 848 x 480, Millions MPEG Layer 3, Stereo, 48.000 kHz

Movie FPS: 23.98

Playing FPS: 23.98

Data Size: 169.26

Data Rate: 1.02 mbits/sec


I tried opening a converted version of a cut-out piece of this same video, and Quicktime wouldn't even open it. Something about it not being a format it supported.

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848x480 is a standard (1:1 aspect ratio) widescreen video. Not high definition, but I do see one problem - 24FPS. When I shot 24fps hidef and tried to convert it, it was REAL jumpy and jerky when the camcorder panned. So I don't think it's a codec problem. Are you NTSC or PAL?


You may have to run the video through another piece of software to convert the 24fps to 29.97fps (NTSC). There are several shareware apps like TMPGenc or SMART that should be able to do that.

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