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Ggw-20l Compatibility



i just got an LG GGw_20OL burner

i don't seem to be able to read a disk authored with dvdit pro hd

i use the tutorial as a test

the disk seems to burn fine i can see the burned zone on the disk

but when i try to play it with powerdvd which came with the burner

it say no disk in drive

commercial blue ray work just fine so do Hd-dvd

any help would be appriciated



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I have seen the same behavior on my system (XP SP3) with a LiteOn burner. After I use DVDit Pro to burn a bluray, any subsequent access of the burner gives me the Disc missing message. This would be using PowerDVD, Explorer, etc.


After I restart my machine, the misbehavior goes away...you might try that.




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