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Strange Bd Burn Results



Using ver. 6.4, importing HDV into DVDit.

LG GGW 20L burner

Creating an image first.

Bitrates }VBR 20000 min 29000 target 35000 max

First attempts on Verbatium BDRE play fine

an Attempt on Verbatium BD-R resulted in stutter 29 minutes into the playback on Sony BDP300 latest firmware (4.30)

BD disk type was set for BD-r for the-r disk

would prefer not to create coasters @$8.99 ea

Any thoughts???

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Just re compiled the .GI with CBR 29000 burning to a Sony BD-R disk. Playback is perfect, leading me to wonder, was it the Verbatium R disk, using VBR or what ?


I would recommend to burn at no more than 2x it's slow but what's worse coasters or just waiting a few more minutes...


And yes, you can get an occassional bad disk!


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