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My Dvds Won't Play On My Dvd Player!


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OK. I use Roxio Record Now Data, which came with my Dell Dimension E310, to dub my DVDs. I copy the movie onto my DVD and it plays perfectly on my Xbox 360 console. I the saw that there was a finalize option which I then tried using. On some of my DVDs, it was able to finalize, but on others a message comes up and says "Please insert an appendable disc that is CD media of DVD write-once media." I then tested the DVDs able to finalize on my DVD player and they still wouldn't work. Again, these DVDs work perfectly on my Xbox 360 though I do not know why. I am using:

-Roxio Record Now Data

-Staples DVD-R recordable discs

-A Panasonic DVD player which says on the front that it supports DVD-R discs


Please if anyone has a solution that would be great. Thanks!!!

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I don't have a clue what OEM software came with your Dell.


I do know for a DVD to play in most settop players they have to be authored to a compliant DVD Video format. Roxio Record Now Data, I think is some drag and drop packet writing software?


List the programs in your OEM Roxio Software, maybe someone will have a clue what to use..



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If the RecordNow Data disc is the same as Sonic, it is a Data DVD program.


As CD says, DVD Video is a specific format, and if the disc is not in tht format, a DVD player isn't likely to read it. Some may - many won't.




Im not too sure on what OEM means but what came with my computer is RecordNow Data RecordNow Copy RecordNow Audio DLA (which is something to read) and Creator Home. I hope that helps. Thanks.

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The Full Version, which has all the capabilities, comes in a box from the store (whether bicks-and-morter or internet).


If it comes with your computer or burner, it is an OEM Version.



Since it came with your Dell computer, you might check with Dell - they are more likely to know what is in it.

DellTalk Forum




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