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Enhanced Music Cd Burning?





I wanted to know for sure that Creator 2009 can burn enhanced music CDs before I buy it, and if it can, if the CDs are Windows and Mac compatible. Right now I just have Roxio Creator LE that came installed on my PC, and it does not have that capability.




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All Authored CD's are Windows & MAC (os x) compatible. If you had a problem it was the way you wrote it. Please explain???


Yes Enhanced CD has been in all Retail Versions of Roxio.

OK thank you.


My question regarding compatibility is with regard to the autorun functionality. From what I've read online on different sites about creating enhanced CDs, there could be issues with the autorun functionality (or autoplay, depending on the OS version I think for Windows) upon inserting the CD into the computer. I've never made an enhanced CD before so I was curious to find out if there was really a possibility for there to be issues.


Thanks again,


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Autorun is a function of the Operating System of the PC or MAC. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!


I have all of my drives set to Do Nothing when a disc is inserted.


An Enhanced CD has Music tracks placed on a disc first (just like a Music CD) then Data tracks.


If a PC is set to Autoplay a Music CD, it will play. If the user has set it not to there is nothing any disc can do about it!


None of this will work with a MP3 CD as it is a Data CD and an Enhanced CD is a Music/Data hybrid CD.


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