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Data Backup To Dvd



Good day,


I am oneo fous who doesn't have the $$$ to upgrade so m stuck with Ver 9.1. I performed 2 multi-dvd backups. Insert the last dvd, receive the backup contents, select the material I want restored, am instructed to insert disk X of Y and do so. Roxio will not read the dontents nor restore it. Sometimes I can insert disk X and just do a copy, sometimes is full of CRC errors and data is irretrievable.


Performed backups and verified. DVDs in pristeen condition - Memorex 16X DVD-r. Updated Intel Chipset drivers and DVD firmware - no joy.


Any assistance would be most greatly appreciate as there is mission criticla data. since the backups sent so smoothly had no idea that retrieving would be so troublesome.


Oh - also inserted DVD, opened Roxio, looked ad devices, went through the menus to retrieve data there - also no hoy.


Someone tell me what the bugs are or what I did wrong so I don't replace it?


ps I know about ISOBuster but cant afford to buy it either.




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Memorex? OUCH!


Memorex DVD discs are NOT considered "first tier quality" and, in that I tried them once, I still have (FOR FREE!) about 90 Memorex DVD discs from the spindle where the FIRST TEN HAD MEDIA ERRORS.


I would NOT use Memorex for ANY MISSION CRITICAL BACKUPS! I would further advise getting some quality media.


As a sampling, here is a bit from an Internet search regarding DVD quality:


Almost flawless burns with 95-100% reliable results:

TAIYOYUDEN, YUDEN, TYG01, TYG02 = Taiyo Yuden = (-R)(+R) ... be aware of fakes

MXLRG01, MXLRG02 = Maxell = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes

MCC = Mitsubishi Chemicals = (-R)(-RW)(+R)(+RW)

TDKG02, TTG01 = TDK Corp = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes


Verbatim also makes the cut, but is not commonly available at the big electronics stores (like Fry's.)


Further, burn speed IS YOUR ENEMY for any important backups. Popular Windows software often ONLY allows as fast as possible burning and this will lead to tragedy when the data is lost to the ethers. Just a few years ago, PC manufacturers got together and in a single voice said NOT to trust CD's for data storage. This was the era of the 52x burn.


My 20+ year old burns are still perfect with no data loss. This was using the best media at recording speeds of 1X and 2X (rarely.)


There is software to identify the actual maker of DVD discs. There are few actual production plants globally, but their quality varies widely. Brands which control their own production, like those listed here, better insure quality.


Richard Brown

former GEnie Lamp Pundit

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Memorex are fairly low in the quality stakes


However, most of us who have been round for a while will advise you strongly NOT to span discs - far better to break your data into DVD size chunks and create iso files for burning with Creator and split it manually

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thanks gi7omy,


Understand 'bout the quality, but the program should pick up crc errors on write/check and fail the backup.


Understand 'bout breaking into dvd blocks too, but it then still boils down to a far sub standard product.


Was It a mistake to upgrade to 2009?





ps - not a regular here but mod equiv at one of the largest security forums - happy to be among good gfolk

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No offense, Lynn,



but there are many programs that accomplish this very feat with 99.9999% accuracy. Ya get what ya pay for I guess - I shouldnt expect a program designed for the general user to perform like a data center backup program.


Too spoiled by my work history. :)




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Part of the problem is that CRC errors are only apparent after the thing has been burnt - on a blank disc there's nothing there to read, so you can't have a CRC error. It needn't necessarily be caused by bad sectors - just a poor writing surface where the data doesn't have a chance - it's only when it is written that you get the errors. Catch 22


However, I never did trust ANY spanning backup system - I always split the data and have done so since the days when I did beta tests for a well known disk imaging system and was the one who told them just how to do the backups to CD (can't say who for several reasons) but they originally thought that the program couldn't be used on CDs. But, I digress - the point is that even then, with a dedicated imaging program, spanning was a no-no. It just takes one disc to become faulty, for ANY reason, for the whole set to fail


In short, try hard to avoid spanning and make sure that any backups are on the best quality discs (and duplicate the discs and keep the second set in a very safe place)

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